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Yay!!! Questions

Actualizado: 6 dic 2020

Yay! Questions is a practice of Management 3.0 and one of the objectives, is the learning of the team and people and are 2 very simple (but powerful) questions:

  • What did we do well?

  • What did we learn?

“The first question focuses on what best practices were followed, while the latter focuses on experimenting and then learning. Both success and lessons learned are reasons to celebrate — with the ring of a victory bell, an applause, or a piece of cake! ”. By Management 3.0.

In the IT team of Sancor Seguros Paraguay we carry out retrospectives every month, this time we used the Management 3.0 Yay Question dynamic instead of the classic dynamics that we had been using in retrospectives in order to achieve greater reflection on what was done in the last month.

Sancor Seguros Paraguay is an Insurance company that develops its operations in Paraguay. The IT team is made up of four people:

  • Technical Support: Pedro

  • Systems Analyst: Edhelira

  • Process Analyst: Mónica

  • Infrastructure and Telecommunications Analyst: Erasmo

Its main function is to provide all IT services to the business.

How Did We Use This Practice En The IT Team?

One day before the retrospective, I prepared a Board with 3 questions (2 of them from Yay! Questions) and the team did not know anything.

  • What did we do right?

  • What did we learn?

  • What should we correct?

At the beginning of the retrospective I explained to the team that we would do a dynamic to understand some important points for us as a team but also important for the result and the service we provide as an area for the company and that everything they would write in the dynamic would be anonymous because the tool used does not identify the user. I opened the session by presenting only the first question: "What did we do well?" and I asked them to create post-its with the elements that we did well during the sprint. After the time passed, I did the same with the following question: "What did we learn?" and expanded the board so they could create post-its and answer the question. Of course, I did the same for the next question: "What should we correct?" Before ending the retrospective, we did a Dotting Vote session per question and each person had the right to cast 2 votes (maximum) per question and we explained that the objective was, together, to know which are the most important elements for the team that must create an action plan for the next sprints. And they did so and we knew which were the most important and priority points for each type of question that we answered.

My Learnings As Facilitator

During the retrospective I was able to observe how that team spirit was produced with a focus on the results that are intended to be achieved, necessary in any high performance team. The level of confidence to talk about the problems to be solved to achieve improvements in the performance of the team allowed to conclude this activity with an action plan to be executed in the next sprint whose main purpose was to eliminate some weaknesses related to coordination and communication that were identified in hindsight.

  • This tool helps us to generate conversations that allow the enablement of continuous improvement. Consider that it is not enough to share our ideas. The team should talk about what happened in the iteration to look at the future with different eyes.

  • As a facilitator, it is important to progressively get team members to facilitate their own Yay Questions session using this practice. Definitely, this practice will generate a higher level of commitment and responsibility when sharing our ideas.

  • We must be careful to only share our opinions. The context of each comment should be described to generate productive conversations.

  • As a facilitator, we must get everyone to share their ideas and facts and create an environment where everyone is heard. That is why facilitating the session is very important.

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